Thursday, May 2, 2013

Toxic Cocktail Party

That's how I feel the state of the earth is in right now... A big toxic cocktail party.  No matter how hard you try to control your exposure, you find that there are more and more things you've that are around you, exposing you to harsh chemicals and toxins.  It's everywhere.  From our baby shampoo, to the food we eat, to even the receipts we given at ANY store (they are loaded with BPAs - like 150x the BPA's in canned goods).

It's daunting.

Recently, I realized that the mineral makeup I wear is almost as toxic as the liquid foundations found at the store.  It might actually be worse, based on some studies I've read.  Really?!!!


What is a person to do?

If you are like me and believe that there is a God who watches out for you, you pray!  

And, no, I'm not joking.  

The early Christian blessed their food (in addition to thanking God for their food - they are not one in the same) because they feared being poisoned and had faith that the prayer would make them immune.  This was especially true during the Dark Ages when poisoning was the preferred method of taking someone out.  

Maybe you will call it naivety or innocence on my part, but I truly believe that this is the only thing left to do, once you have done all you can.

I will still strive to be a steward of God's creation with my body, my children, my home, and the earth, but after that I must pray and ask God to do the rest.

(Deep Breath)

Now I feel much better!  :)

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