Friday, April 5, 2013

What My 2-Year-Old Wants for Lunch

People often ask me how we eat a flour and sugar free diet (and almost completely non-processed foods). Honestly, it's as easy as just not buying stuff with flour and sugar. Once you do that, you start to appreciate the simple stuff and get creative.

The picture I'm attaching is of the lunch my 2-year-old son requested today (and has been requesting lately) containing banana, blueberries and pecans (he likes other nuts, too but my preference for him are pecans because they are a softer nut). I find that when all he (and we, for that matter) can eat are healthy, whole-food options, we don't struggle as much with maintaining a well-rounded diet as if there was junk food in the cupboard.

My 19-year-old niece and I were discussing last weekend how your taste buds adjust when you cut out processed foods. Processed foods are so full of natural and artificial flavors that your taste buds get used to them (basically chemicals) instead of real, authentic flavors. When you do the switch to real foods, at first everything seems bland. However, your taste buds adjust (I think it's like a detox!!) and you begin to be able to appreciate real flavors again and processed foods start tasting as artificial as they really are!!

I'll end with a thought I had today... Spices are nature's "natural flavors"...

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