Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dangly Dilema

So, when I was pregnant the first time I was told to enjoy my dangly earrings while I could, because once I had my baby I'd have to say goodbye to wearing them for several years...  I was like, "what?!!!!"

Ok, I love cute accessories. They can make a dull everyday-outfit look put together and classy. And I'm all about being a classy mom. As a matter of fact, I remember babysitting for a military mom when I was a teenager who always looked cute and she just gave off that vibe of loving life and her homemaking job. I thought to myself "That's the kind of mom I want to be!".

Now don't get me wrong, I know that giving up my earrings wouldn't invalidate me or my looks or whether or not I'm a good mom. And I WOULD give up wearing earrings if need be (my kids are WAY more important). While looks aren't everything I am a firm believer that when people present themselves respectfully that they are given more respect in general and that it comes off that they have an important job. I know that moms who dress well are no less valuable and that it doesn't determine the "good" moms from the "bad.  But from an outsider looking in I think the mom who dresses well appears to be enjoying her job a bit more.

So don't go thinking I wear suits and 3-inch heels to "work" everyday!  Lately I've been wearing dark-wash jeans with a tee and cute but comfortable flats. It's accessories do the work while not sacrificing comfort.

So I came up with an alternative to giving up my style when I had my son. I bought dangly earrings with quick release (lever) backs.

I. Love. Them.

So, for my own legal safety let me say to wear them at your own risk!  ;)  But really, they are great because, in theory, if your baby grabs your hoop it just comes right out.  The earring, not your ear!  ;)

Here is a simple example:

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